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Women’s Only Gyms: Creating and Preserving Space

Research and testimonies show that women are feeling uncomfortable in more spaces than ever. But the tides of change are making big waves in the fitness industry. According to a survey done by ExerciseBike.Net of 1,000 gym – going women, roughly 18.5% reported having a negative experience at the gym, which spurred them to alter […]

Everything you’ve ever wanted to know about bone broth

I logged onto Instagram yesterday and counted no fewer than 10posts about bone broth; and being the gut health advocate that I am, felt all the feels and heart flutters you get when running into someone you love.Here’s why I’m passionate about bone broth and why you will be to: Bone broth is an elixir […]

New to Meditation Classes? 5 Things for the Newbie to Know

Funnily enough, taking that first step to sign up for a meditation class can be a stressful endeavor. For starters, how could a self- diagnosed insomniac working close to 60 hours a week possibly feel comfortable in the same space as someone who knows how to milk a cashew from their home?Renowned meditation meccas such […]

Spring into spring: 3 simple tactics to fit fitness into your daily routine

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The ultimate guide to Boston for marathon weekend

You’ve got the running, we’ve got the rest. Anyone who travels for sport and fitness competitions, especially marathon runners, can tell you that planning the details of a big weekend can be tedious and all-consuming.Logistics include packing the necessary gear, finding accommodations, mapping the course, and all the while, maintaining your training schedule.We’re here to […]