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Meta-Analysis Shows Workplace Wellness Programs Improve Cardiovascular Health

Employers are uniquely positioned to positively impact public health through the wellness programs they offer. In the United States, cardiovascular disease is a major public health crisis. One in every four deaths is caused by heart disease—killing more than 650,000 Americans each year. By promoting healthy behaviors, could employer-sponsored wellness programs be an effective intervention […]

How to Engage Employees in Your Company’s Wellness Program in 3 Steps

The right wellness program will improve productivity, company morale, employee retention and ultimately help your business grow. However, even the best wellness program is only effective if employees engage with it. Truly engaged employees are inspired to live healthier lives and reach their full potential, at work and at home. While many organizations have success […]

Employers Have Decision Paralysis About Mental Health Benefits

The latest industry trend reports show that employers are committed to investing in mental health benefits, but what benefits are those, specifically? Most brokers say that companies don’t have a clear answer. In short, employers know that mental health support is essential, but don’t know where to start. Every year, Wellable asks brokers to spot […]

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U.S. Employee Engagement Dropped for the First Time Since 2009

The percentage of engaged workers in the U.S. steadily increased over the last decade, leveling out at 36% in 2020. But the challenges of the pandemic have put an end to that upward trend, and 2021 became the first year since 2009 where engagement decreased, according to Gallup. In 2021, only about one-third (34%) of […]

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How to Give Meaningful Feedback to Improve Performance and Engagement

Employees want regular feedback and they perform better when they receive it. According to Gallup, employees who say they received “meaningful feedback” in the last week are nearly four times more likely to be engaged in their work. And yet, many organizations only give employees feedback every several weeks, months, or years. The reason so […]