Funnily enough, taking that first step to sign up for a meditation class can be a stressful endeavor. For starters, how could a self- diagnosed insomniac working close to 60 hours a week possibly feel comfortable in the same space as someone who knows how to milk a cashew from their home?Renowned meditation meccas such as MNDFL, Inscape, and New York Insight have the answer for herds of eager and stressed out New Yorkers who want to train the mind to unwind—(in true New York fashion) if only for 35 minutes at a time. The answer is this: you’ve just gotta trust it and dive in. I was thinking the same thing. Then I dove in. Here are Zeamo’s 5 tips to a successful first meditation class. Don’t be late for your first time meditating. There’s nothing less zen than getting stuck on the R train and sprinting in late to your first meditation class. Even worse? Most studios are strict enforcers of their late policies – as it’s unfair to disturb others who are working to find their little slice of peace. Give yourself more time than you think you need –  time to go to the bathroom, store your stuff, and get acquainted with the space before you begin to wind down. Leave your expectations at the door.If you’re a bit of a competitive and overstimulated spirit like me, you’re probably spinning your wheels about how to be great at meditation before you even book your spot in your first meditation class. Newsflash! It’s not a competition. This is about you and your emotional, mental, and physical well-being. You won’t make progress by worrying about how you look or expecting to fall right into a dream state on your first go. Be kind and patient with yourself.Ditch the activewear, ballcap, and lipstick. A meditation session is not a workout. It requires very little, if any movement. Stilling your body helps you still your mind. For that reason, I recommend swapping the leggings for more of a sweatpant or onesie get-up. Men, no belts or hats. Women, no underwire bras or makeup. Feeling clean, streamlined, and cozy will prime your mind for receiving calm. After my first clean-faced class, I left the studio feeling like a younger version of me who happened to take a shower in the rainforest. Don’t snore during a meditation class. My first class was great—that is, the half in which I was awake. I fell asleep during the second half of my class, appropriately during the period called ‘deep rest.’ Like many overbooked souls, you may need to retrain your mind to not immediately associate a stop in movement with soaring melatonin levels. If you have a question or concern regarding meditation, just ask!If there’s something you don’t understand or if something makes you uncomfortable,  remember that your facilitators and teachers are there to help! These professionals are trained to be your guides toward a more balanced, happy, version of you. Be honest if there’s something you need. Let us know how your first meditation class goes! We recommend meditation,  self-care, and a fitness regimen for all stages of life. If you’re on the road, pop into a Zeamo gym with a day pass to maintain your routine no matter where life’s taking you. Don’t have a routine? Don’t fret. We’re here for you, too.