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Connected Fitness & Wellness

The Fitness Passport program is a fitness and wellness ecosystem that connects people, digital, in-person fitness, and wellness experiences that encourages employees to build a wellness program that feels personal, inspires them to make healthier choices, and rewards them when they do.

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Fitness and activity programs that truly engage users start with helping them discover activities and workouts that meet them at their level of fitness. In-app technology utilizes AI to guide users towards the activities and workouts that are the best fit for their goals and personal preferences.


With over 14,000 activities to choose from, users can search and book workouts anytime, anywhere. The Fitness Passport has something for everyone: gym-goers, class fanatics, outdoor enthusiasts, and everyone in-between. The Fitness Passport delivers everything employees are looking for in a fitness benefit.


Add rewards and wellness challenges to your current wellness program to increase engagement and keep employees connected to the organization, and each other. Reward your employees for taking charge of their health and for creating healthy habits. Show them that you are invested in their personal health and fitness, is just good business.

Take the Journey

Harness the power of world-class technology to plan, track, manage, and execute a fitness and wellness benefit that employees actually want to use.

Traditional fitness benefits promote gym discounts and don’t provide enough options to engage employees who prefer digital fitness and outdoor activities to keep them moving.

The Fitness Passport integrates activity tracking, wellness challenges and rewards to give everyone a way to engage and participate while choosing workouts and activities that are the best fit for their personal preferences and their goals.

Why We’re Different

At Zeamo, we know that motivating employees to be more active takes more than discounts on gyms memberships and studio classes. Our platform offers employees an inclusive, flexible fitness benefit that meets them at their level of fitness and allows them to choose the workouts and activities that fit best with their lifestyle while maximizing participation with robust rewards, energizing virtual fitness events, and motivating wellness challenges.

The Power of Choice

With over 14,000 activities to choose from, Zeamo users never get bored. From gym-goers to class fanatics, and runners to power walkers, the Fitness Passport has something for everyone regardless of where they like to exercise. Integrations with over 200+ activity tracking devices make it easy for all employees to track activity and earn rewards for all of their workouts and daily activity.

Forget the “One-Size Fit’s All” Program

The best goals are smart and achievable, and our program has been designed to encourage employees to set small goals that achieve big results. New exercisers, fitness enthusiasts, and everyone in-between will find it easy to build a sustainable fitness program that includes the activities they enjoy and allows them to track progress to build healthier habits over time.

Measure What Matters

Engagement is not just about the number of gym check-ins or submitting receipts. It’s about the activity and behavior changes that impact health outcomes. Employers receive monthly benchmarking reports on digital fitness consumption, changes in overall activity levels, rewards point accrual, and more.


Engagement is our business and as your wellbeing partner, it’s our job to ensure that employees stay motivated and invested making healthy choices. That’s why our rewards program is completely funded by Zeamo.