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High Value, Low Cost

Corporate Fitness & Wellness Solution for Today’s Hybrid Workforce

Discover how our Corporate Fitness & Wellness Benefit Solution can transform your workforce and drive significant outcomes. By prioritizing employee health and well-being, you’ll witness:

✓ Improved productivity
✓ Higher retention rates
✓ Reduced absenteeism and a
✓ Happier, more motivated team 

With our wellness benefits, you’re not just investing in your employees’ health; you’re investing in the success of your business.

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Our Benefits

Gyms & Studios

A nationwide network of gyms and studios

Video On-Demand

Thousands of on-demand workouts


Wellness products highly discounted


Earn rewards for being active

Fitness Tracker

Integration with fitness trackers

Sweepstakes & Challenges

Participate for cool prizes and $$$!


Access to professional diet counseling

Healthy Meal Delivery

Healthy meals delivered to your doorstep

Inter-company Challenges

Kickstart with a steps challenge

60% ↑↑↑
Gen Z & millennials who account for over 60% of workforce demand fitness & wellness benefits and expect digital access.

Customer Testimonials

I love the new Zeamo Nutrition feature of the app – I’ve received a couple of free consults and my insurance is picking up the cost of my future unlimited virtual visits! My dietician has been able to help me with my sleep and water intake so far and devising a plan and holding me accountable to sustainable steps! What a fantastic offering!

Alice Young
Associate Director, People Operations at Adverum Biotechnologies, Inc.

Zeamo has provided our company and employees an enhanced wellness alternative to gym memberships. The easy to use app at a low monthly cost to get access to a variety of gyms in the area and while traveling is perfect for our company because we have employees nationwide. It has provided a ton of flexibility to our employees and has increased employee participation with Zeamo. I’m excited to see the new features such as the digital library which I believe will increase the overall health and wellbeing of our employees who are current users of Zeamo and draw in new employees to start using the app.

Jay Patel MA, MS, CSM
Excella, Human Resources Generalist
73% ↑↑↑
73% of job candidates consider wellness benefits when selecting an employer.

Why Zeamo? Elevate, Save, and Simplify.

Elevate Employee Satisfaction

Studies reveal fitness as the most sought-after workplace benefit, and Zeamo delivers it. 


Diverse choices: from physical fitness to mental wellness and even educational awareness

Affordabilityno hidden costs or added fees and the ability to subsidize employees

Convenienceflexibility aligning with today’s remote workforce


Unbeatable Cost Savings

Zeamo offers the industry’s most competitive rates compared to other providers.


Budget-friendly pricing: Zeamo offers industry-leading pricing, catering to corporations of all sizes

Cost-effective benefits: Joining Zeamo allows corporations to provide highly sought-after wellness benefits with ease

Flexible subsidization: Zeamo simplifies and minimizes the cost of subsidizing wellness benefits for employees

Streamline HR Responsibilities

Zeamo simplifies HR’s role by handling all of the negotiation and sourcing of fitness resources.


Save time & effort: Zeamo eliminates HR’s need for negotiating with gyms and wellness companies

Employee incentives: Zeamo rewards employee activity, providing redeemable rewards, and freeing HR from administrative tasks

Data transparency: Zeamo offers data-driven insights, empowering HR to make informed decisions

Zeamo makes it easy and affordable

For today’s busy HRs to offer an inclusive, engaging, and rewarding benefit for employees with: 

An All-in-One Solution

  ✓ Easy Month to Month Pricing
  ✓ Dashboard with Valuable Data
  ✓ Employee Rewards, Engagement, and Tools


80% ↑↑↑
80% of US businesses with more than 50 employees offer corporate wellness programs.
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