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3 Summer Fitness Events You Won’t Want to Miss

3 Summer Fitness Events You Won’t Want To Miss Socialize, Work Out, Travel and Explore: Simultaneously.Sweatin’ and jet-settin’ on your mind? Us too. That’s why we’ve compiled a handful of our favorite upcoming fitness events from the ever-so-addicting AirBnb experiences page. Grab a friend and before you know it, you’ll feel more toned faster than […]

Women’s Only Gyms: Creating and Preserving Space

Research and testimonies show that women are feeling uncomfortable in more spaces than ever. But the tides of change are making big waves in the fitness industry. According to a survey done by ExerciseBike.Net of 1,000 gym – going women, roughly 18.5% reported having a negative experience at the gym, which spurred them to alter […]