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Reach the Unreachable

Build your brand and grow revenue with hard-to-reach employees and health plan members who have wellness dollars to invest on fitness.

Add Your Digital Content to Zeamo Live

  1. Generate revenue on-demand content that you are already producing.
  2. Build your brand with employees and health plan members who are most likely to START with digital content before venturing into a gym or studio.
  3. Connect your live-stream classes to our platform to build larger audiences
  4. Use digital as a top-of-the-funnel marketing tactic to promote your club or studio to digital users living near your physical locations
More than 50,000,000 employees have Zeamo as their fitness benefit through their worksite wellness program or health insurance.

Add your gym or studio locations to our network

  1. Access to employees with money to spend on fitness via their company-sponsored wellness benefit
  2. Generate higher quality guest traffic from users who are not joining gyms and studios right now
  3. No cost marketing channel that drives new leads and higher quality, paid, guest traffic to your locations!
  4. Grow revenue from Millennial and Gen Z consumers who spend fitness dollars across multiple brands
  5. Total transparency-access to user information to market to them for membership


Zeamo Team

Our team includes industry veterans ….

Zeamo drives high-quality traffic and revenue from Millennial’s and Gen Z consumers who are not joining gyms right now. We help our club partners gain brand exposure through our relationships with national employers and corporations that individual clubs and chains are not able to penetrate. It’s a “win-win” for everyone. involved.”

Mark Smith
Former CEO, 24 Hour Fitness & Town Sports International

Zeamo is unique as it is helping clubs realize the upside opportunity with employee wellness. It has no upfront fees and is a pure additive benefit to a clubs’ marketing efforts. It delivers a high-quality user through an advanced, easy-to-use mobile app. It’s a no-cost marketing channel that can be set up in minutes.

Rick Caro
Founder, IHRSA