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What’s Happening at Zeamo

June 16, 2023 Weekly Updates:

  • Mile High Run Club in NY
  • FORZE XXIV in Baltimore, MD
  • Zeamo Nutrition
  • Fit Fueled Life Challenge

Gym & Studio Announcement

Mile High Run Club in NY

Mile High Run Club is a renowned fitness studio in New York City with 3 locations! It offers a variety of activities and programs designed to enhance running performance and overall fitness. With its specialized treadmill classes and training sessions, runners of all levels can experience a dynamic and motivating workout environment. The club’s core mission revolves around fostering a strong sense of community, encouraging runners to push their limits, and providing expert guidance to help individuals achieve their fitness goals. Mile High Run Club is the ultimate destination for running enthusiasts seeking a challenging and supportive fitness experience.

FORZE XXIV in Baltimore, MD

FORZE (for-zuh, Italian for strength) is a hybrid gym offering total body conditioning through diverse exercises. They provide 24-hour access, group classes, personal training, and self-defense classes. With premium equipments, including the exclusive Canali System, FORZE ensures a high quality workout experience. The gym fosters a culture of inclusion, accommodating people of all fitness levels and supporting various training styles. FORZE’s community thrives on independence, with trainers offering unique styles and specialties. Join FORZE to be part of a welcoming fitness family.

Zeamo Nutrition

Stay on track with your nutrition goals by leveraging the expertise of our Dietitian on our platform. Take a moment to explore the benefits of our partnership and elevate your nutrition to the next level. Limited spots available, sign up before they run out! Join us today and prioritize your health!

Fit Fueled Life Challenge

Revitalize your spring season by participating in the FitFueledLife Challenge! Emphasize on improving your diet, engage in gym workouts, and complete various activities to accumulate points that can be redeemed for exciting rewards.

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