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What’s Happening at Zeamo

July 13, 2022 Weekly Updates:

  • 77 UFC GYM Locations!
  • Why Join Zeamo?
  • Pick of the Week! – MommaStrong
  • Friendly Reminder – Gym Requests
Male in UFC Boxing Gloves


Cross-Jab into All 77 UFC GYMS!

Seize the opportunity! It’s time to get in the best shape of your life. Experience the classes, community and dynamic energy of UFC GYMs. UFC is the original, the world leader, the trail-blazer of MMA-inspired fitness. Rooted in authenticity, they are an extension of the Ultimate Fighting Championship® and proud to make the training programs and benefits of elite MMA athletes accessible to all, regardless of age or athletic ability.

Group of athletes performing goblet squat

Why Join Zeamo?

We Offer Flexibility and Affordability!

By joining Zeamo, we make it easy for you to sign up to any fitness facilities on our network at a flexible and affordable rate. We are the only provider that has partnered with fitness facilities to provide you with a great corporate rate for club memberships and with no catch. 

  • No enrollment fees
  • No annual fees
  • No cancellation fees
  • No unwanted monthly commitments

We also reward you every time you renew a Club Membership and every time you check into a gym through our app. We integrate with fitness trackers for you to earn points and redeem rewards such as merchandise, vacations, discounts to hotels, groceries, and more! 

We have a robust library of on-demand workouts, and a marketplace of wellness products at a discounted rate and we continue to add onto our network everyday.

Pick of the Week!


Motherhood is an Action Sport

MommaStrong empowers Mommas with strength from the inside out. The MommaStrong program helps you show up for regular exercise even when it seems impossible.

Explore our curated playlists (login required, sorry!):

Friendly Reminder!

Not Seeing a Gym or Studio on our Network? Tell us which gyms and studios to add!

This summer we are scheduled to add many more fitness facilities to our platform. However we also want to add place that suit you. If there is a facility that you want to add and it is not available on Zeamo, let us know! We will do everything in our power to onboard them to our network and bring them to you.

Contact us at and provide us with the name and address of the facility! We will keep you updated every step of the way. 

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