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Zeamo simplifies and enhances the relationship between fitness partners and fitness consumers with a digital-first approach that meets the evolving needs of the fitness industry while staying true industry partners.

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February 6, 2023

Zeamo Announces New Corporate Membership Offering

“Zeamo is please to announce the official launch of its latest offering to corporations and their employees. Zeamo now offers employees of its growing corporate client base the ability to become actual members of its partner clubs while making it easy for employers to subsidize the corporate rates offered.”

September 22, 2021

3 Ways to Promote Employee Engagement Amid the Great Resignation

“Gallup’s State of the Global Workplace: 2021 Report has troubling news for employers: 48 percent of American workers are actively looking for new job opportunities or at least keeping an eye on the market. Gallup also reports that only 34 percent of U.S. workers are engaged, signifying widespread discontent in the workplace.”

September 21, 2021

Three Ways Employers Can Show They Care for their Workers

“Employees who feel their employer cares about their well-being are more productive, engaged and creative. However, a global survey conducted last year revealed that only 40% of employees feel supported in the workplace.”

September 10, 2021

Agile Businesses: Paul O’Reilly-Hyland of Zeamo On How Businesses Pivot and Stay Relevant In The Face of Disruptive Technologies

“Don’t accept conventional wisdom. Being confined by preconditional views, even if they are from experience, can be a barrier to pivoting. Many believed fitness had to be done at a gym because that’s the way it always has been and at-home works would only be a fad. That’s proven to be wrong. At the same time, others believed that gyms would die and be replaced by at-home work outs — that’s not happening. Now, it looks like a hybrid approach will be mainstream, where people use a mixture of digital and physical.”

August 24, 2021

With New Digital Partnerships, On-Demand Wellness Content & Enhanced Rewards, Zeamo Launches the Ultimate Corporate Fitness Program for the Hybrid Workforce

“On-Demand & In-Person Programs Plus Lucrative Fitness Rewards Make Zeamo the Most Inclusive, Comprehensive Employee Wellness Platform”

September 24, 2019

Meet New York’s Fitness Freaks

“New York is the experimental lab for the industry,” says Paul O’Reilly-Hyland, founder and chief executive officer of Zeamo, a national fitness passport platform based in Manhattan. “If it works in New York, you can scale it out.”

June 18, 2019

Focusing on This 1 Thing Could Be Your Ticket to Employee Retention

“Today’s job market is fairly robust and competitive. For workers, that’s a good thing, as it means opportunities abound. For employers, however, it can pose a challenge, since worker retention becomes more difficult during periods when landing a new job is relatively easy. ”

May 3, 2019

How Are Companies Embracing Wellness As A Part Of Their Culture?

“When it comes to workplace culture, the shift in ensuring wellness is part of the overall employee benefits package stems from the high costs associated with healthcare and overall employee satisfaction. The majority of the workforce puts health and wellness as a top priority when it comes to their benefits, and with the rising cost of healthcare, it has become one of the leading concerns worldwide.”

May 3, 2019

The Big Story — Traveler’s Quest: No Small Change

“As commerce becomes ever more global and technology continues to evolve, business travelers are increasingly taking center stage in the decisions about their own journeys. Whatever the value proposition travel contributes to the strategic goals of a corporation, certainly any realistic assessment of the current state of travel would conclude that it’s a demanding proposition. ”

April 26, 2019

Check out the weird and wonderful perks we encountered at PerksCon

“This digital model ensures that all employees have equal access to their benefits. O’Reilly-Hyland said one of Zeamo’s earliest clients was a major NYC-based investment bank with employees scattered the world ‘round, from New York to Melbourne.”

April 26, 2019

This is how Millennials are reshaping corporate wellness

“Younger employees want to see innovation and ideas coming to them in a meaningful way. They want to learn how the company can enhance their lives in the long run.”

March 30, 2019

Go-Go Gadgets

“People want choice, and not everyone wants to workout in an in-house gym.”

March 13, 2019

How to Find Great Gyms Everywhere You Travel

“Personally, I love using Zeamo, an app that allows you to explore more than 25,000 gyms worldwide and even purchase a day pass straight from your device. But honesty, one of the best features may be that you can see the images of the facility and a description of all the amenities offered.”

March 13, 2019

The 9 must-have travel apps in 2019

“For frequent travelers or those who need to stick to a gym or physical therapy schedule, Zeamo allows users to explore over 25,000 gyms around the world. Filters can be used to find exactly what workout you’re looking for: from lap pools to yoga, boxing to tai chi; even gyms with daycare, saunas, and massages. A click of a button gets you a day pass and you’re free to work out.”

March 5, 2019

8 Great Gift Suggestions From The Boss

“Zeamo is an app that pairs gyms with on-the-go subscribers, works with HR departments to raise retention rates and offers employees a variety of wellness options – either next door or in Hong Kong!”

March 5, 2019

9 Best Gym Workout Apps (To Meet All Your Fitness Goals)

“Some fitness apps are simple, and others go the extra mile to make sure you have all the information you need to keep working toward your health goals. And thanks to our favorite choices for the best gym workout app, you’ll stay on track and in-shape.”

March 5, 2019

A new alliance: Why fitness companies are targeting employers and HR

“To help in revamping their wellness packages, employers are partnering with companies that offer more attractive packages to employees. These services offer more flexible, accessible and a variety of options for their employees. As the workforce is shifting away from traditional benefits packages, HR departments are being forced to evolve in order to retain and attract employees.”

March 4, 2019

A Workout at Your Fingertips at Thousands of Places with Zeamo

“Zeamo, which started a couple of years ago, also recently launched an enterprise solution for companies. It’s ideal for those that have employees in multiple locations as well as those with staffers who travel frequently.”

February 19, 2019

Explore More Than 25,000 Gyms Worldwide With Zeamo

“Zeamo has partnerships with gyms and studios such as Gold’s Gym and Fit Republic, and currently operates across 16 international hubs. The app allows subscribers to book daily, weekly, or monthly gym passes, and allows subscribers to discover gyms according to activity and amenity preferences.”

January 29, 2019

You Can Access More Than 25,000 Gyms Worldwide with an App

“What you really want — or need — is a proper gym. Zeamo, a clever subscription service, provides business travelers and digital nomads alike with access to premium gyms around the world.”

January 26, 2019

A New Way To Workout That Doesn’t Involve A Gym Membership

Paul O’Reilly-Hyland, CEO of Zeamo, interview on Cheddar.Watch

January 18, 2019

Zeamo Announces Vendor Relationship with ABC Financial

“Zeamo is delighted to announce the new relationship with ABC Financial allowing Zeamo to integrate with ABC Financial’s software to ensure users quick and easy access to mutual health club partners, while simultaneously removing added work from front desk staff.”

January 16, 2019

How to keep fit while travelling

“Finding the time and energy to exercise is often the hardest part. That’s where the inspiration for Zeamo came from. We strive to bring you state of the art fitness centres and gyms around the globe and ensure you can workout on your own schedule, with no-commitment necessary. The rest is up to you.”

January 13, 2019

Here, there, and everywhere

“Don’t give up your workout routine on the road. A New York City-based company has created an app that lists more than 25,000 fitness centers and gyms worldwide. Download the Zeamo app to your Android or Apple device and find out where you can go swimming, rock climbing, weight lifting, or running; play squash or tennis; do yoga and Pilates; or sit in a steam room after a long flight. Each listing offers a short description of the facility, pricing information, hours, and available activities and amenities.”

January 1, 2019

Crave Hard Workouts When You Travel? Get Cheap Day Passes to Local Gyms With This App

“One solution? Zeamo. It’s an app on iOS and Android that allows you to explore local gyms (over 25,000 of them) in major metropolitan areas all over the globe through a simple pass on your phone.”

December 16, 2018

Zeamo, The Future of Fitness

Paul O’Reilly-Hyland, CEO of Zeamo, interview on Bloomberg.

June 29, 2018

The best travel apps for Android

“Who says you have to stay sedentary just because you’re traveling? Skip the underwhelming hotel exercise facility.”

June 26, 2018

The Best Workout Apps To Use While Traveling Will Help You Feel Your Best, No Matter Where You Are

“Nowadays, the easiest way to stay on track with all of your fitness goals is to download workout apps to use while traveling, so you can let technology do all the planning and let your body do the rest. ”

January 14, 2018

Find and Access the Perfect Gym When You Travel With Zeamo

“There are a few different options out there for finding a gym to call home while you’re on the road. Zeamo is a relatively new kid on the block in the space but is worth a look nonetheless. ”

January 13, 2018

New app Zeamo helps users find and access gyms on the fly

“For travelers on the go and people with hectic schedules, it’s often next to impossible to find a gym. You’d be lucky to find a working treadmill and some weights in even the better hotels, let alone yoga classes, boxing equipment, or a decent lap pool. Now a new and growing startup called Zeamo.”

October 24, 2017

Zeamo Inc. Expands Global Fitness Initiative

“Already hosting the largest directory and search engine of its kind of more than 25,000 gyms so far, and with plans to increase that number significantly worldwide, Zeamo directory users have the ability to search and select facilities in their location by their favorite activities.”

October 16, 2017

Exclusive: Is this new company the ClassPass of gyms?

“Currently, the New York City-based startup is partnered with 500-plus gyms in the US and over 100 in Dublin, Montreal, Toronto, London, Munich, and Sydney.”

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