Admit it. Shoulders and arm workouts are difficult to perform correctly — especially for fitness beginners. And for those of us who are completely unpracticed, mobility restrictions and inhibitors can prevent us from strength training these muscles altogether! The best way to push through is to take baby steps — and to perform those baby steps with the proper form in order to prevent any injuries.Alli Felsenthal a New York-based fitness coach and marathon runner, has just the right five exercises to jumpstart your shoulder routine.Alli’s biggest differentiator in comparison to other trainers is that she believes in using the floor for these exercises as opposed to free weights and machines, so that multiple muscle groups and joints are working at the same time in tandem. Her methods are focused on properly improving one of the biggest problems we all face (especially those with a stiffening 9-to-5): functional movement.ViPR Horizontal Hold with Reversed LungesStand with your feet shoulder width apart, holding the ViPR out horizontally in front of you. Back straight; arms straight. As you hold the ViPR out in front of you, step backwards into a reverse lunge position. Make sure to keep the ViPR up! Step back forward and repeat the reverse lunge on the opposite leg.Curtsy LungesStand with your feet shoulder width apart. Reach your right foot back and cross it with your left foot, lowering into a shallowcurtsy lunge. As you find a comfortable position in this lunge, reach your right hand toward your left foot in front of you and your left hand behind you and up into the air. Jump to the right side with your right foot, and reach your left foot back and cross it with your right foot this time, lowering again into a curtsy lunge. As you glide into this position, swing your arms so that your left hand is in front of your left foot and your right hand is behind you and up in the air. Return to the other side to complete one rep. Continue alternating with lateral jumps, lunges and arm swings to create that “windmill” effect.Kneeling Landmine PressesUtilize a foam pad or yoga mat for more knee comfort. Make sure that the bar is secure before you begin. Is your entire hand gripped around it? Good. Completely bend and extend your arm while being sure to keep proper form in the lunge and you back neutral. You’ll be feeling this one tomorrow.Overhead Barbell Shoulder Press StandingStand with your feet shoulder-width apart. Press that barbell directly upwards so that your arms are fully-extended over your head. Return that barebell to your upper chest and repeat.Lateral Plank WalksBegin in a strong high plank position, keeping your spine neutral. In other words, make sure that your spin is curved neither upwards nor downwards. Take your right hand at the same time as you take your right foot and walk in a plank horizontally (keeping that neutral spine!) and in a table top position. Repeat on the left side with the opposite hand and foot. Begin in a strong high plank position. Step sideways and then back together with your feet and hands, all while maintaining correct posture and core stability.Shoulder mobility is an issue many individuals suffer with, especially those in a a 9-to-5 job whose posture suffers for it. Performing these corrective exercises will help with inward rotation of those rotator cuffs and to help us maintain a stronger posture. If you’re an overachiever or agree that understanding muscular anatomy leads to a safer, more educated, and efficient workout; check out Jeff Cavaliere’s informative and mesmerizing video highlighting the relationship and placement of your shoulder muscles. Pro tip: be sure to blast Zeamo’s fire playlist customized for this circuit, and let us know how you do!