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What’s Happening at Zeamo

June 23, 2023 Weekly Updates:

  • GGA Dwarf Goat Yoga in GA
  • Personal Nutrition
  • Fit Fueled Life Challenge

Gym & Studio Announcement

GGA Dwarf Goat Yoga in GA

Looking to unwind and find inner peace? Come join GGA Dwarf Goat Yoga in Tucker, Georgia! Their unique classes combine the tranquility of yoga with the presence of adorable dwarf goats. Led by experienced instructors, you’ll practice meditation poses and breathing exercises while these intelligent and joyful creatures roam around you. Experience the therapeutic benefits of animal-assisted therapy and align your chakras during their sound bath sessions. Whether it’s goat yoga, hiking, meditating, or even pilates, the activities will leave you feeling refreshed and connected. Discover happiness through the harmony of yoga and goats at GGA Dwarf Goat Yoga.

Personal Nutrition

Maintaining a healthy diet while at work is crucial for overall well-being. A nutritious diet fuels our bodies, boosts productivity, and enhances concentration. Incorporating fresh fruits, vegetables, whole grains, and lean proteins into our meals provides essential nutrients and sustains energy levels throughout the day. Making mindful choices and prioritizing healthy eating habits at work can lead to improved health and increased vitality.

Fit Fueled Life Challenge

Embark on an exhilarating journey this spring with the thrilling FitFueledLife Challenge! Take this opportunity to enhance your diet, ignite your gym sessions, and conquer various activities to earn points that unlock exciting rewards. Don’t let this exciting opportunity pass you by – the challenge is already underway, and we eagerly await your participation!

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