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What’s Happening at Zeamo

May 10, 2023 Weekly Updates:

  • Focus Fitness Club in San Jose, CA
  • Flex Fitness in Woodland, CA
  • X-Fit Training in Pinole, CA
  • Balanced Fitness & Health in San Diego & La Jolla, CA
  • FitFueledLife Challenge

Focus Fitness Club San Jose

Gym & Studio Announcement

Focus Fitness Club in San Jose, CA

Focus stands out from the countless health clubs and gyms around the world. This 15,000 square foot facility boasts an inclusive workout environment where exercising with friends and neighbors is as common as working out alone. Focus offers a wide range of commercial gym equipment, including free-weights, cardio machines, and selectorized machines, as well as a Functional Training Room and a large turf area. In addition, certified personal trainers are on hand to assist you in achieving your fitness goals. With a focus on preventative healthcare, Focus also offers access to its new Recovery Zone to aid in recovery, both physical and emotional. 

Focus Fitness Club San Jose

Flex Fitness Woodland CA

Flex Fitness in Woodland, CA

Flex Fitness is where function meets fitness. They believe that everyone can build strength from any starting point with hard work, consistency, and dedication. With a focus on full body circuits, strength, and endurance training, Flex Fitness offers class-based group training sessions, private one-on-one sessions, and semi-private training sessions to take us where we want to be. Their goal is to help us create, maintain, and build a full and active life through functional fitness. They are committed to providing us with the tools we need to achieve lifelong success, whether it’s to build a better physique or improve functionality. At Flex Fitness, exercise is an expression of love for our body.

Flex Fitness Woodland CA


X-Fit Training in Pinole, CA

XFIT Training provides personal training, group fitness classes, and nutrition coaching. They committed to creating a supportive and inclusive community for individuals to achieve their fitness goals. They pay great attention to integrity, commitment, excellence, and community. Attractive activities offered by XFit Training include CrossFit-style workouts, strength training, endurance training, and HIIT classes, all designed to improve overall health and fitness levels in a fun and engaging way.


Balanced Health and Fitness

Balanced Fitness & Health in San Diego & La Jolla, CA

Balanced Fitness & Health offers a range of functions, including personal training, group fitness classes, nutrition coaching, and health assessments. Their values are reflected in education, accountability, community, and innovation. They aim to provide a welcoming and inclusive environment for individuals of all fitness levels to achieve their health and fitness goals. Activities offered by Balanced Fitness & Health include bootcamp-style workouts, cycling classes, yoga, and HIIT classes, as well as events and challenges.

Balanced Health and Fitness

Zeamo Challenge FitFueledLife

Zeamo Challenge

FitFueledLife Challenge

Transform your spring with the FitFueledLife Challenge! Focus on nutrition, hit the gym, and do tasks to earn points towards prizes.

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