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What’s Happening at Zeamo

July 20, 2022 Weekly Updates:

  • Information on UFC GYM Locations!
  • Pick of the Week! – YouFit
  • Friendly Reminder – On-Demand Workouts


What Does Going to UFC with Zeamo Include?

Seize the opportunity! It’s time to get in the best

By purchasing a monthly membership you will have access to all 77 UFC GYMs across North America. Membership includes access to group fitness classes, UFC GYM Recovery and much more!

✓ Exclusive corporate rate 

✓ No enrollment fees or annual fees 

✓ Cancel membership at any time 

✓ Also available on Zeamo subscription 


Pick of the Week!

This Week We Bring to You, YouFit!

YouFit clubs are designed with you in mind: affordable, state of the art, and focused on helping you reach your personal fitness goals. From cardio to yoga and from kickboxing to dance, YouFit offers a variety of high-energy workouts led by incredible instructors who are sure to get you sweating – and smiling!

✓ 80 YouFits nationwide

✓ Available on Zeamo subscription 

✓ Extra amenities include massages, steam room, sauna, and childcare!

Asian Female Yoga Pose At Home Workout

Friendly Reminder!

Thousands of Workouts Available You Can Do Anywhere!

✓ Workout types include but are not limited to barre, boxing, cardio, dance, HIIT, pilates, strength/core, tai chi, and yoga.

✓ Brands such as Crunch Live, Title Boxing, BRRRN, Mixed Yoga, etc.

✓ Accessible to all ages and experience types.

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