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Partner Benefits

Lead Generation

Get fitness diehards in your gym experiencing all your facility has to offer.

New Revenue

Our platform is designed to bring new customers into your facility, and earn you money in the process.

Brand Exposure

As a partner gym you will be listed at the top of our searches above non partners. You will occupy prime real estate in the eyes of our users.

Simple & Free

That’s right. It costs nothing to become a partner. Signing on is simple. We don’t make a penny unless you make money.

Zeamo Users



Fitness enthusiasts who travel often want more than the hotel gym. Zeamo offers gyms exposure to travelers to gain previously unobtainable revenue.


With a network of gyms, Zeamo is an ideal employee benefit. With our Corporate Membership Plan, Zeamo offers gyms a new revenue stream of high value clients.


There are 151M global gym members, but even more who won’t commit to a gym. Zeamo offers gyms the ability to ease new members on through day passes.

Studio Members

The studio industry has grown significantly faster than the traditional gym industry since 2010. Zeamo allows gyms to recapture lost clients from the studio industry.

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