Gym access without the hassle

Zeamo is the most flexible way to give your employees exactly what they want in a fitness benefit: variety, flexibility, and access to thousands of gyms all in one monthly subscription.

Not just a gym membership

Typical gym benefits offer access to one club or one brand. With a Zeamo subscription, you can provide access to gyms anywhere, anytime.

Forget the paperwork

No more negotiating directly with gyms. We'll do all of the heavy lifting to make sure your employees have access to some of the biggest brands in fitness.

All access, none of the hassle

Zeamo subscribers never have to worry about enrollment fees, contracts, or inflexible cancellation policies.

Two clicks and you're in

Subscribers click on the gym they want to use and click to activate their access pass. It's that easy.

Real-time engagement data

Our reporting module allows you to view and track real-time participation and utilization.

Free subsidy processing

Want to increase engagement? Work with our plan design team to create the perfect subsidy program!

Your employees will love the choice and flexibility

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